September 15, 2005.

Here’s a look back at what I did this summer : June 16th- Yeah! What a show… the best one yet. It was good to be back with amplification. The stage was kind of sticky with some kind of goo…. weird but the show went well and we were all happy. Here is the setlist:Continue Reading

June 10, 2005

Hello people. I am preparing for my odyssey to France. I will be playing at “Le Son de l’Innocence” in Montauban, France on July 1st. Montauban is located in southern France. It’s a medium sized town 50 km. north of Toulouse. Also on the bill is a local band called Du Orden. I will alsoContinue Reading

May 1, 2005.

Hey there. Just letting you know that the album launch at Café Chaos was a blast ! I was so happy with the performance of the band that we broke out in an impromptu blues jam that seems to have pleased the crowd. I was also happy to see some new faces and hope thisContinue Reading

March 1, 2005.

OK…Sorry about the delay…. It shouldn’t take me seven months to update my correspondence with my fans…. Sorry again…. All right, now that this done, here are the BIG announcements…. As of march 1st, my debut album, “The English House” is now, even as we speak, distributed through Eclectra Records for the territory of NorthContinue Reading

August 1, 2004.

Hello everybody and welcome to my new, improved website. This is the newspage where I will regularly let you people know what’s going on with my musical and artistic career ……..and whatever the hell I feel like talking about. Feel free to let me know what you think. By the way, thank you for yourContinue Reading