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By May 26, 2008No Comments

Café Shaika was I my last show which was presented in conjunction with the vernissage for the art collective M.O.B.I.L. of which I am a member back on May 9th.

Here’s the setlist :

A Man Named Kennedy
Who’ll Watch Over Us ?
National Pinetop
The Traveller
Koto / Moon Over Indian Ocean
Something Solid

Like A Wave
Blue Nile / White Nile
Hawaiian Blight
The English House
Dry Martini Parlor
Are You Recieving Me Soyuz 11 ?
Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen)
Bela Lugosi


In other news, Beatpromo has been hired to promote my new CD in the printed media and to community and university radios in Quebec

I will also be playing at Pub Jacques Cratier on June 14th and also at the 10-30 complex in Brossard later in June.

Any day, my new CD should be online with Local and with Itunes. Stay tuned.

J.P. Mortier

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