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About J.P. Mortier

J.P. Mortier is a singer, song writer and artist from Montreal. His style and sounds lies somewhere between Nick Cave, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen backed by the sonic power of a Pink Floyd-Radiohead hybrid. After 6 albums and 5 Canadian tours, J.P.’s seventh album is on the way for 2023.

Sylvain Auclair

Bass, Chapman stick, back vocals

Daniel Grégoire

Drums, percussions

Stéfane Pelletier

Castillo guitar, acoustic guitar

J.P. Mortier

Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboards, piano, e-bow, sound fx.

Guest musicians and collaborators past and present

Beth McKenna : saxophone

Sienna Dahlen : vocals

Bill Szawlowski : occasional guitar

Ryan Szawlowki, Justin Szawlowski : guitar

Kimberly Bourgeois : back vocals

Alain Mercieca : writer on The Only Bar

Liz Hachey : percussions

Norman Nawrocki : violin

Eric Valentine : harmonica

Mariska Vervuurt, Carole Sénécal : back vocals