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January 1st, 2007

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Hey happy new year one and all… All the best for ’07 and health for everyone out there. This should be a big year. First of all, the second CD Backpacker will see the light of day sometime in 2007…. More sessions at DNA are scheduled in February. This will be the last sessions for drums, bass and acoustic guitars. The other instruments and the vocals will be finished in my hideout at the Basement.

One important piece of news… like everyone else, I am now on myspace… look for me at and add me as a friend if you rae already part of the wonderful world of myspace. Soon my video will pop up on youtube. Watch for it.

Also, I have 1 or 2 illustrations that are part of a traveling collective artshow. This month, it’s happening at JavaU CafĂ© on St-Denis in Montreal.

C U Later.

J.P. Mortier

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